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Nokia announces new location cloud service for iOS, Android and others: It’s Here (update)


Nokia launches new multidevice, multiplatform location cloud service It's Here

Nokia’s revealed the next stage in its cartographic future and it involves a new cloud-based service. Titled “Here,” it’ll tap into Nokia’s map expertise and better still, work across multiple devices and operating systems — CEO Stephen Elop, attending the event in San Francisco, also referenced recent purchase of Earthmine, a 3D mapping company that will help the company offer StreetView-style digital vistas. The new web-based map (that’s live now) will work on any PC running Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome and Macs using Safari, Firefox or Chrome. On mobile, it’ll run on iOS 4+ and Android 2.2’s (or above) internet browser. According to AllThingsD, a free iOS app has already been submitted to iTunes, pending Apple’s approval in the ‘next couple of weeks’. Additionally, Nokia will have a Here SDK for Android and a web version of Here maps for Firefox OS ready by early next year.

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Behind the glossy HTML5 exterior, Nokia reckons its “capture, compute, experience” system, and its cloud-based processing will offer a more potent offline experience. Nokia’s not stopping there, however. The Finnish phone-maker has apparently seen 75 times more use of its mapping data compared to last year, and it’s looking to tap into user-submitted data. A new Map Creator tool will let people assign more specific information and detail to Nokia’s original maps and satellite photos. The phone-maker’s already launched its own site for the new location service,, and aims to fold in users’ submissions into its own official map offering. Collections will let you store and share your favorite locations, while Explore (replete with its own map button) will let you know what’s available in the immediate vicinity. The maps will also contain all of the previous Nokia functionality, including live traffic information and transit directions.

Here appears to encompass most of Nokia’s previous mapping services and apps — take a look for yourself at the source below.

Update: We’ve got a few more tidbits about Here to share with you. It turns out, the iOS app will provide offline maps, voice guided walking directions and public transportation directions at launch. Additionally, Nokia revealed the name for the technology powering its City Lens app. Called LiveSight, it’s a 3D map technology that Nokia claims “provides the most precise and intuitive augmented reality experience” that we presume will find its way into other applications. PR with full details of all the cartographical goodness await after the break.

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