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Microsoft takes on trolls with new Internet Explorer advertisement

In a new advertisement focused on Internet Explorer, Microsoft addresses the elephant in the room, which is that the company’s web browser hasn’t been up to snuff in recent years, but Microsoft is slowly changing that by introducing new features that appeal to those who use competitors like Firefox or Chrome. Specifically, the add features a persistant internet troll who bashes Internet Explorer, but eventually comes around to accept that it’s getting better.

The overall message of the advertisement was “progress,” which appears at the end of the ad, and reassures users that Microsoft can’t build Rome in a day, but are making progress to improve their web browser and make it as feature-filled and fast as possible. Microsoft has certainly done that with their latest versions.

Anyone who has used Internet Explorer 9 knows that the browser took on a whole new meaning of quality, and the company continued their momentum with Internet Explorer 10. The video above tracks an internet troll throughout the evening, and shows him commenting on Facebook and various forums about how “IE SUCKS.” However, at the end, the troll is succumbed to admit that Internet Explorer has improved after seeing other comments that mention different new features.

While it was a great advertisement from Microsoft, it was a bold, but classy move on their part. Essentially, they admitted that their web browser actually wasn’t that great in the past, and instead of just saying, “it’s all better now! IE10 is now the best browser!,” they simply note that it’s improving and that progress is key for the company.

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