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Microsoft Surface 32GB only has 16GB of usable storage


Microsoft unveiled a couple of Surface models last month, one with 32GB and the other with 64GB. Most people may think they’ll be happy with the 32GB model, but because of bloatware and pre-installed software, the 32GB Surface actually only has 16GB of usable storage, while the 64GB has 45GB of usable storage.

Microsoft reported and confirmed on their Surface webpage the usable space available for users on both their 32GB and 64GB versions of the Surface tablet. They even went into specifics as to what is taking up the unusable portion of the disk space with a simple chart that breaks down the disk space usage.

First, the total disk size reported by Windows takes off 3 to 6GB right away. Windows recovery tools take up 5GB, and the OS itself along with built-in apps take up 8GB, leaving 16GB for the 32GB version and 45GB for the 64GB version. Microsoft’s storage figures are based on many peoples’ false thinking that 1,000MB equals 1GB, so there’s actually only 29GB of storage space before you account for pre-installed software.

This may be considered quite a deal breaker for some potential Surface buyers. Those wanting to get a 32GB version may be sorely disappointed, but may end up shooting for the 64GB version if they’re really wanting a Surface tablet. Having only 16GB of storage isn’t bad for those that rely on the cloud, but for users who prefer to keep everything local, 16GB just won’t cut it most of the time.

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