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Microsoft floats massive Halo 4 glyph over London


To celebrate the launch of the video game Halo 4, Microsoft tied a gigantic Halo 4 glyph underneath a helicopter and flew it over London. According to Microsoft, the glyph symbol is one of the largest and brightest man-made structures ever to be flown over capital city. Gigantic glyph was 50-feet in diameter and weighed over 3 tons.

The glyph offered some sort of dynamic effects providing a light show to 500 fans and spectators watching the event. Microsoft flew the glyph over the Thames River from Greenwich Peninsula to Tower Bridge. The path took the glyph past some of the most iconic landmarks in London.

Halo 4 is officially available as of today, and many locations around the world held special launch events last night. Microsoft reports that over 10,000 stores in 40 different countries held midnight opening events. There were over 350 locations in the UK holding launch events for the video game. The GAME Westfield Stratford flagship store held an event with 350 fans lined up to get the game at midnight.

Microsoft offered a few key facts about the glyph, including that was 50-feet in diameter and weighed 3.2 tons. It took a team of 50 designers, engineers, and fabricators to create the glyph. It took eight weeks to design and construct the glyph, which was covered with 455 LED light strips mounted on the 37 panels. There were 113,096 LEDs of pure orange color consuming 20KW of power. The dynamic lighting effects were controlled using an onboard computer and remote mounted on a boat following the glyph. The helicopter flew at a height of 600 feet and the glyph itself was 350 feet above the river.

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