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Microsoft Build 2012 videos now available online


For the past couple of weeks, Microsoft has dominated headlines. First it was the launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface on October 26, then it was the launch of Windows Phone 8 on October 29, all leading up to the kick off of Microsoft Build on October 30. For four days last week, Microsoft invited folks to check out everything the new Windows has to offer in all of its forms, and if you happened to miss some it, then you might like to know that Microsoft has posted all sorts of videos from Build 2012 online.

All of the videos can be found at Microsoft’s Channel 9 page. There you can watch videos from the first three days of the event (Microsoft says video from day four is coming soon), including the keynotes from the first two days. If you’re at a loss for a place to start, we’d recommend beginning with one of those videos. Steve Ballmer’s keynote address on day one sets the stage for the whole event as he revels in Windows 8′s early success – the new operating system sold 4 million copies in the weekend after it launched.

In all, there are 8 different videos to watch over at Channel 9. If you’d like, you can also download them directly from the site and keep them forever. As we stated above, videos from day four aren’t yet available, but considering how quickly Microsoft put up videos from the first three days, they should be coming shortly.

Now that the festivities have ended, Microsoft has its work cut out for it. Not only does it need to sell as many people as possible on Windows 8, but it also needs to do the same for Windows Phone 8. Getting Windows Phone 8 to catch on will be especially difficult given the immense popularity of both Android and (to a lesser extent) iOS. We’ll see if Microsoft and its partners can turn Windows Phone 8 into a success soon enough, but for now, we’ll just sit back and watch some of the sessions from Build 2012.

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