Tuesday, February 27, 2024

LED bulbs get brighter future with 100W-equivalent


The earth-friendly home of tomorrow needn’t be as dark as a hobbit’s burrow, with the latest 100W-equivalent LED light bulbs promising both brightness and cost-efficiency. The handiwork of Sylvania, the new bulb is the first on sale to match a 100W old-skool light fitting, but sips up to 80-percent less power while doing so, for estimated savings of more than $220 over its lifespan.

That lifespan is estimated at around 25,000 hours, Sylvania says, which means less time up a step ladder. Unlike some LED bulbs, which tend to project a more focused pattern of light, the company claims the new A-Line LED models have an incandescent-style distribution.

If 100W is too much for you, there are 40, 60, and 75W equivalent versions too, and all can be dimmed to as little as 10-percent of their brightness. Inside, there’s none of the mercury or lead that other light fittings can include.

The big drawback for many buyers is likely to be price. Sylvania is asking $49.99 for each of the 100W-equivalent LED bulbs, which is considerably more than the upfront cost of a regular incandescent or even a CCFL bulb. For ten bucks more, in fact, you can have one of Philips’ color-changing hue bulbs.

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