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iPad mini LTE and 4th-gen iPad now on sale at AT&T, Verizon


If you didn’t pre-order an LTE version of the iPad mini last month, not all hope is lost. Both AT&T and Verizon are now offering the smaller iPad as well as the 4th-gen iPad. AT&T says that you can purchase the new iPads at any of their physical locations, although they don’t mention anything about availability on their website, but the two devices appear to be ready for purchase at

There’s no word on how many units AT&T and Verizon have available, but don’t count on an abundant supply. So, if you’re planning on getting an LTE version of the iPad mini, there’s really no better time than right now to head to your preferred carrier store and pick one up before they’re sold out. Apple’s website still lists a two-week delay.

Apple launched the iPad mini and the 4th-gen iPad on November 2, while LTE versions would begin shipping a couple weeks afterward. Of course, as with any Apple product launch, the iPad mini sold out fairly quickly, although not as quickly as with past product launches — customers could still grab a black 16GB WiFi model well after the initial launch at midnight.

The iPad Mini LTE version comes in black and white variants, and prices start at $459 for the 16GB version, while $659 will get you a full-blown 64GB model. The 4th-generation iPad with LTE starts at $629 for 16GB and goes all the way up to $829 for a 64GB version. Apple’s website lists the 4th-gen iPad LTE with a one-week ship date.

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