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iPad mini joins the posh club with Moshi accessories


The folks at Moshi have opened their fashionable doors to the iPad mini this week with several accessories that’ll make your Apple device experience just a bit more fabulous. What we’ve got here are the VersaCover, the Concerti, and the iVisor XT and AG, all made for the protection and further beautification of your iPad mini. We’ve had a look at the larger versions of each of these accessories and can readily say that yes, they do pretty much rock.

First with the Concerti you’ve got a portfolio case for your iPad mini, made to allow you “dozens” of adjustable viewing angles and protection for your device. The case is made of a hybrid combination of silicone and a microfiber inner case for shock protection as well as scratch protection. There’s a built-in magnet for smart wake-up and sleep, and there’s a hole in the back made for your full ability to take photos.

The iVisor XT and AG are two of the most lovely “bubble-proof” washable screen protectors you’re ever going to come across. These screens have a special concoction on the back – polymer-based adhesive, that is – that allows unlimited cleaning/reapplication cycles. It’s kind of like magic. The AG version is “anti-glare” while the XT retains the glossy finish of the iPad mini in its non-covered state.

VersaCover (seen at the top of this post) is the boss of all iPad covers with a unique oragami-style fold with magnets and smart-cover abilities. You can close and open like the standard smart cover from Apple, but instead of just folding up in a triangle, you go 3D in configurations that will have you folding just for fun. This case also has a polycarbonate back cover that protects the whole of your device.

These products are all targeted for the end of Q4 2012 – hopefully before the holiday season, if you know what I mean!

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