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Hitman: Absolution gameplay trailer released by Square Enix

Square Enix‘s new and upcoming Hitman: Absolution might be the studio’s best Hitman installment yet, and they just released a new trailer for the game that shows off bits of the gameplay. The trailer is quite lengthy for its kind (2:46) and it features Agent 47 as the “ultimate assassin.” The trailer showcases Agent 47′s skills and looks at some of the new gameplay features, weapons and environments.

Hitman: Absolution is the first Hitman game in six years, and it includes all-new gameplay features, improved enemy intelligence, and a new ‘Instinct’ mode that will help players blend into certain roles. IO Interactive calls the new title the most ambitious game in the series yet, and it features a “living and breathing world, where every moment can become a story”.

The new gameplay trailer releases alongside another trailer that focuses on the recently announced Hitman clothing line. The range of clothing is based on the new game, and it includes clothing such as hoodies and T-shirts. The line was created by Trapstar and will be available in its flagship London store starting November 20.

Hitman: Absolution will be available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on November 20 worldwide. You can pre-order the game right now, as well as the Hitman Sniper Challenge mini-game and the Hitman: Absolution Deluxe Professional Edition. All three are available for pre-order and will all become available at the same time.

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