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Halo 4 launch day sales break $220 million


We all expected Halo 4 to be big, but as it turns out, it’s actually the biggest launch in Halo history. Microsoft announced today that the game managed to rake in $220 million on its first day, and should hit $300 million by the end of its first week. That definitely isn’t chump change, and it looks like fans haven’t abandoned the Halo series yet, despite the change up in developers.

Microsoft says that 4 million people have logged in to play the game since it launched, and it’s certainly possible that even more are playing it when you consider that not everyone has a subscription to Xbox Live or has their console connected to the Internet. We can’t really see the point behind playing Halo solely offline, but we’re sure there are some folks out there who are doing it.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft doesn’t dish any sales numbers, so we’ll have to wait until the game hits some sort of milestone before Microsoft tells us how many copies have been sold. Still, with expectations for the week coming it at $300 million, it isn’t hard to imagine that Microsoft is selling a healthy amount of copies. The success of Halo 4 also means that Halo 5 will almost certainly happen, though that was another given considering Halo is easily Microsoft’s biggest series.

So, the Halo train continues to pull in the big bucks for Microsoft. Little surprise, but the series will definitely be outshined by tomorrow’s launch of Black Ops II, which promises to be the single biggest release of the year. With hundreds of millions already in its pocket and millions more left to come, though, we doubt Microsoft cares much about the launch of Black Ops II. Have you been playing Halo 4? What do you think of it?

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