Thursday, July 25, 2024

Griffin announces third-party Lightning cables


Third-party accessory maker Griffin has announced the first major third-party Lightning cables to hit the market. While we’ve already seen a few Lightning accessories come our way, there hasn’t been a third-party Lightning cable option other than what Apple offers themselves. Finally, though, our options are starting to spread out a little.

Griffin is offering the cables in four different lengths and styles. A 2-foot cable will cost $16.99, a 3-foot cable for $18.99, a 4-foot coiled cable for $24.99, and a 3-meter (9.7 feet) cable for $29.99. To compare, Apple sells a 3.5-foot Lightning cable for $19, so Griffin isn’t really undercutting the price too much.

However, it’s nice to now have more options when it comes to shopping for Lightning cables, especially if you prefer a black color scheme and a shorter or longer cable than what Apple offers. Because of this, we’re sure these third-party products will find their audience even if they aren’t necessarily cheaper than Apple’s offering.

Griffin says that all of these new cables will be shipping sometime in the first week of December, so only a few days from now, give or take a day or two. Plus, you can pair the cables with a USB car adapter so that you can charge up your new Apple devices while on the go. Griffin has plenty of those as well.

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