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Google Shopping adds 360-degree view in time for the holidays


Google is ramping up its online shopping system with the addition of two new features: 360-degree product view and shortlists. Shoppers can now enjoy a more dynamic variety of virtual window shopping, getting a closer peek at products before buying them. The addition of social networking-like tools allows you to share the experience with friends and family, as well.

First up, the 360-degree product view allows users to pull up a larger image of a toy and see it from all sides using grab-and-swivel. The product spins smoothly, and is in addition to a variety of pictures for the product, which give you a view of the top and bottom as well. Not all products have 360-degree swivel, however, so don’t get your hopes up about seeing crockpots in 360-degree goodness.

Next up are the shortlists, which give the shopping experience a social-networking kind of feel. Users can click a button next to a product that says “Add to Shortlists,” at which point the item will be placed in a consolidated area with the other products you’ve nabbed. You can then share the shortlist with your family or friends.

Alternatively, you can create a shortlist by heading over to the Google Shopping Shortlists page, where you’ll be presented with a red button titled “Create a Shortlist.” Click the button, enter a name for the list, then click “Add a Product” and enter a search term or URL. Once a product is added, you can then attach a note to it.

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