Saturday, February 24, 2024

Google+ adds one-click download of Android apps


While Google+ may not have the popularity of Facebook or Twitter, it seems Google is giving luddites more reasons to start using it by the day. They introduced direct embedding with Google Drive, and today they rolled out embedding of Android app links to the Google Play store, which offers one-click downloads right from Google+.

Whenever you post a link on your Google+ page to an Android app from the Google Play store, your friends who don’t have said app installed will be shown an option to install the app right from Google+ with one click. It’s a small and subtle update, but it will no doubt streamline the app recommendation process amongst friends and family.

Of course, we shouldn’t be too surprised by this, since Google is working on streamlining all of their services and integrating them with one another. This is just another step in that process, and sooner or later, we should be seeing full seamless support between all of the major Google services.

Head to our Google+ page to see the new feature in action, and while you’re at it, download our official Android app right from Google+ if you haven’t already. Plus, be sure to add us to your circles while you’re there — it’s said that we post some pretty awesome content on a daily basis.

[via Phandroid]

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