Friday, February 23, 2024

Gogo launches ATG-4 in-air connectivity


Gogo, provider of the wonderful convenience known as in-flight wireless Internet, has launched ATG-4, its latest connectivity technology. The service will roll out to Delta Airlines, US Airways, and Virgin America. The new service will allow more fliers to access the web while offering a more stable browsing experience than previously offered.

ATG-4 provides speeds up to 9.8mbps, which, according to the announcement, is three times the speed of the previous offering of 3.1mbps. Adding to the mix are directional antennas, dual modems in the aircraft, and the use of EVDO Rev. B. The service is expected to be available on American Airlines as well in 2013.

Gogo’s President and CEO Michael Small offered this statement. “This significant step in Gogo’s technology roadmap allows us to better address the demand for in-air connectivity services. We continue to find ways to implement new technologies that bring more bandwidth to the aero market … ATG-4 planes will have improved that service today – especially on transcontinental routes.”

The company plans to roll out ATG-4 on hundreds of planes by the end of next year. Says Gogo, installation is typically an overnight process, and includes the additional of one antenna on each side of the plane, as well as a modem and the latest version of the software. Over 150 of the company’s cell towers have already been upgraded to support ATG-4.

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