Thursday, February 22, 2024

Gearbox issues update to fix Borderlands 2 character sabotage


It’s a good day if you happen to be a Borderlands 2 player, as Gearbox has issued a patch that apparently fixes the exploit some unsavory folks have been using to sabotage the characters of other players. If you’re not familiar with this exploit (or you’ve simply been playing on something other than Xbox 360), it allows other players who enter your game to potentially wipe out your saved characters. Not a good thing by any means, and it’s easy to see why Gearbox rushed to get a patch out the door.

The patch should be available through Xbox Live now, and this fix is the only thing the patch contains. The patch notes say that the studio has “Added security to prevent data loss tied to malicious violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct through an unsupported third-party program,” so hopefully this is the last we hear of this particularly nasty exploit. After all, we can’t imagine that it’s a lot of fun to have your level 50 character disappear simply because they died in-game (which happens pretty frequently for us at least).

Of course, while this exploit may have been quashed with this update, there’s still the issue of badass rank resets. Given the fact that character resets are a little more severe than rank resets, we can see why Gearbox got a fix for the former issue out sooner, but there are still plenty of players on all three platforms who are having their badass ranks – and the benefits that come along with them – vanish. Hopefully Gearbox will deliver a fix for that issue soon, because it’s been plaguing players since the game’s launch.

Still, despite the fact that there are remaining bugs to fix, at least one terrible exploit has been wiped out. Were you one of the unfortunate players who had their characters wiped, or did you manage to avoid this exploit? Keep it tuned here to SlashGear, as we’ll update you when Gearbox releases new patches for Borderlands 2!

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