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Facebook says it isn’t plotting search team up with Yahoo

Over the weekend, a rather interesting report from The Daily Telegraph surfaced. It claimed that Yahoo CEO Marissa Miller and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg were in talks for a search alliance that would benefit both. At first, it seemed like the rumor made some sense – after all, Facebook has been talking about breaking into the search scene for a while now, and teaming up with Facebook could give the struggling Yahoo a nice boost. The problem is the rumor isn’t true.

At least that’s what Facebook says, telling All Things D in a statement today that it hasn’t been in talks with Yahoo about any kind of search deal. “People expect a better search experience on Facebook,” the company said. “We are working on improvements to better meet those expectations but are not in talks to enter into a new search partnership.” So Facebook is looking to bolster its search, but it doesn’t think it needs any outside help to do so.

While a team up would certainly make some sense, it makes more sense for Facebook to go it alone this time. Facebook is a huge company with a lot of influence when it comes to the Internet, so a partnership like the one outlined in The Daily Telegraph would probably end up benefiting Yahoo much more than it benefits Facebook.

In any case, one thing is for sure: Facebook is definitely looking to make a splash in the search arena. We’ll have to wait a while longer before its exact plans are revealed, but at least this statement tells us that the company is taking the issue seriously. Check out our story timeline below for more on Facebook!

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