Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Facebook Pages Feed ready for action


A brand new feature is being released to your Facebook user interface that’ll change the way you interact with the celebrities, brands, and odd interests in your life – that being Pages Feed. This update comes in the form of a little button up and to the left of your regular notifications feed, it allowing you to see a feed of Pages updates completely separate from your standard feed. This in addition to the update earlier this summer allowing you to take your friends out of your standard feed one-by-one should have you cleaned up in no time.

The Pages Feed test is getting sent out to select users now and will likely be spread out across the web in no time. It’s a quite simple change that’s being made, separating out the Pages updates from your main notifications feed, but the results are sure to be long-lasting. Imagine an update feed with only the information you want to see from your buddies, and nothing else – what a perfect Facebook it could be!

Indeed you will be able to get access to Pages alone and beside themselves if you wish by simply heading to the address as follows: With it, you’ll be able to get all the freshest SlashGear Facebook Action you can handle alongside the rest of your pages of choice – if you like anything else at all, of course. And that’s it! Very simple stuff in the end.

Have a peek at the timeline below to see everything there is to see regarding updates to Facebook as of late and let us know how you’re enjoying Facebook as it stands here and now. The most popular social network on earth continues to astound with tiny changes such as this and magnificently giant changes such as the Timeline – though we’ve not seen a beast of an update like that for some time now. Could be due to the public nature of the network – you never know!

Bonus – don’t forget about this awesome feature that’s not new to Facebook, but could change your whole Facebook experience. It exists in everyone’s profile page – de-click that checkmark and be free of the nagging ones!

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