Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Facebook makes changes to Friendship Pages


Facebook has made some significant changes to its Friendship Pages. The changes were made to highlight the time you spent with family members or friends. These pages will be incredibly popular with high school sweethearts and married couples who still like each other.

The new Friendship Pages are similar to your Timeline profile page and automatically filled with events, photos, likes, mutual friends, and statuses that the people have shared. Friendship Pages are the pages you see if you click the little gear on a friends profile and then choose the See Friendship icon. With the new update, you can opt to “Share Friendship” that will post a page about you and whoever that friend is.

This updated starting rolling out to users yesterday. Just be warned, if you randomly generate one of these pages you may creep some people out. I’d wager a bunch of people didn’t even know Friendship Pages existed. This new feature should expand their reach, especially for couples and families.

It doesn’t appear that there is a way for users to block friends or acquaintances from creating these pages about them. It’s also unclear exactly how the photographs are chosen. I would assume it’s based on tags with the people’s name. If so, I can see this being an issue for some people considering a page can be made that could lead people to believe you were at an event with someone else even if it was a large group of people, and you never interacted. In other words, if a jealous girlfriend sees that a page has been created with your name and an ex-girlfriend’s name at the same event, your life is likely to get difficult.

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