Thursday, February 22, 2024

Evernote 5 for Mac up for download now in the App Store


The OS X version of Evernote 5 has been released out of its Beta state now for the public, available for all to download in the Mac App Store. This version of the app is ready to bring on “100+ new features” including shortcuts, easy access to recent notes, notebook expansion, and tag lists. This version also has easier browsing with a fully updated user interface and works with a lovely new notes list for simple usability all around.

Evernote 5 has a brand new Cards View so you can visualize what you’re opening rather than just relying on text titles. You’ll be able to edit notes inside Evernote rather than relying on 3rd party applications. You can change a geographic location of a note – this along with many other changes may seem small to some, but are game-changing for others.

Evernote 5 for Mac allows you to convert a file to plain text on the fly and works with a new set of keyboard shortcuts. You can use the following to bring on two- or three-click excellence to your Evernote-loving life.

CMD-J: Jump to a notebook from anywhere in the application
CMD-Shift-A: Jump to All Notes
CMD-Option-(1-5): Switch to main sidebar sections (Notes, Notebooks, etc)
CMD-(1-9): Jump to Shortcuts
CMD-L: Edit current note title
CMD-’: Edit current note tags
CMD-]: Indent text

You’ve got several different ways now to view your notebooks and tags including a new Grid view – this stacks all your stacks and notebooks in one place and sorts them according to owner, note count, or name. You have a brand new Atlas mode that allows you to see your notes visualized on a set of maps, map view also bringing you pan and zoom features – much like the updated version of Evernote 5 for your mobile device.

This is just the beginning, too – you can see a full list of feature changes over at Evernote’s Mac Feature Page or just download the app for yourself. Might as well – it’s totally free! Total integration with your mobile devices working with Evernote continues here too – notes for all!

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