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Dropbox reaches the 100 million users mark


Dropbox, the cloud-storage provider, announced earlier today that it has exceeded the 100 million users mark. This milestone comes after the massive influx of users the company experienced this year, with Dropbox quadrupling its number of users during 2012. It’s still nowhere near the number the company would like to have, however.

Drew Houston, one of Dropbox’s founders, offered this statement. “Even 100 million is still at a single dot percentage of the people we could reach.” The cloud-storage company is up against steep odds, however, with their competition including such powerhouses as Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, all of which offer their own varieties of storage.

Still, despite Houston’s large ambitions, hitting the 100 million user mark is quite an accomplishment. Apple, for example, has 190 million users on its iCloud storage service. And Dropbox aims to offer something none of the other aforementioned providers can – a way to store data without concern for the “logo on the back of the computer or device.”

In fact, says the company co-founder, Dropbox, though providing a similar service, is in a better position overall to meet its goals and that it has a different focus. “Those companies are busy trying to build something we had four years ago,” said Houston. “We’re out front. We’re already out there and building smaller features and things. All those other companies have turf to protect, and they’re fighting a battle on a totally different front.”

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