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Deo candy is edible deodorant


My eight-year-old daughter swears up and down that Justin Bieber smells like cotton candy when he sweats. I wondered on more than one occasion where she got the story from, and I have told her that there was no way he could smell like candy when he sweats. It seems she was correct, assuming Bieber has a package of Deo Perfume Candy.

This new candy appears to be Russian and promises to block body odor from the inside out. The candy is sold by in the US and the maker of the candy says that you eat it, and it leaves your skin with a rose fragrance. The manufacturer claims that the candy contains geraniol, which is a alcohol found rose oil that aromatizes as evaporates through the skin.

One scientist claims that we know people who eat aromatic foods, like lots of curry or garlic, find that the food works its way into the sweat and influences how they smell. However, the scientists claim that no one has actually demonstrated that affect. The scientist, named George Preti, is a chemist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. He says that a person’s body odor depends on the chemical composition of their skin secretions and the bacteria that feeds on the secretions.

However, Preti does admit that changing the composition of skin secretions by eating aromatic spices could change a person’s body odor. However, he says that we would need a placebo-controlled trial using the Deo candy and similar candy with no rose oil to determine if it was truly effective.

[via ABC News]

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