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Chevrolet begins 2014 Corvette countdown with exterior concept video


It’s less than 59 days away – thats what Chevrolet wants you to be pumped up about when it comes to their next beastly beauty in the 2014 Corvette viral campaign. The video you’re about to see shows “CONCEPTION” as far as exterior form and function go – some lovely circle patterns covering a vehicle you’ll not see the whole of perhaps for weeks. The creators of this vehicle want one thing, that’s for certain: to make you anticipate with great glee the oncoming next generation.

This vehicle is one that Chevrolet says will change everything, and, “with transformational advancements in design, engineering, and technology, the driving experience will never be the same.” Sounds pretty fabulous. The video will show you some tiny glimpses of what’s possible with the next-generation Corvette and has a very short quote from none other than the vehicle’s exterior design manager.

“Performance cars are definitely about form follows function. But I would say: beautiful form follows performance-driven function.” – Kirk Bennion, Exterior Design Manager

Below you’ll see a gallery of screen-grabs taken from the video you see above. You’ll get some definite clues as to what this vehicle will look like, some lovely patterning action, and some conceptual drawings to boot. As a bit of a bonus, you’ll also get two gigantic (3000 x 1689 pixel) images taken from the design floor focusing on airflow.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette
2014 Chevrolet Corvette

We’ll be keeping our eye on this next-level beast until it’s out on the market without a doubt. Today we’ll leave you with one more quote from Tadge Juechter, Corvette chief engineer for this project.

“The all-new Corvette integrates more high-performance aerodynamic features than ever before, many taken directly from Corvette Racing. For example, the front grill and radiator flow paths reduce lift, improving vehicle stability at high speeds by keeping the car pressed to the pavement. In addition, functional vents increase track capability by channeling air to the brakes, as well as heat exchangers for the transmission and differential.” – Juechter

Let us know what you think you see and what you’re hoping to see in the comments below! Also be sure to tip us off if you’ve got any sweet insight on this monster in the weeks to come!

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