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Camera+ updates with live exposure, front flash, and more


If you’re yearning for a little more manual control out of your iPhone‘s camera, Tap Tap Tap’s Camera+ app is about the best it gets. While it isn’t fully manual, the app does offer a lot of controls for you to play around with, and it just got a huge update today that includes a slew of new features like live exposure and a front flash.

Tap Tap Tap claims to have “made the impossible possible” by introducing a front-facing flash for the front-facing camera on the iPhone. It simply flashes the iPhone’s screen to white for a split second to act as a makeshift flash. It’s actually not the first time this has been done, as Apple‘s Photo Booth app for OS X includes the same trick, but it’s nice that Camera+ is doing what Apple is ignoring.

The Camera+ update also includes Live Exposure, which provides you with “all the details of your shot” before you take it. The app will show you the exposure parameters like ISO and shutter speed changing in real-time as you setup your shot. With the iPhone 5, you can also now enjoy “100% accurate shot framing.” With Live Exposure enabled, there’s no viewfinder cropping, so what you see on the screen is what you’ll get.

Other cool features include a horizontal level, so that you can ensure your photos are straight before you snap them. The app also got numerous general performance enhancements as well as some of the usual bug fixes. Tap Tap Tap says that “anything that didn’t feel 100% perfect was given a good overhaul.”

Camera+ is on sale now for $0.99, and the update is available now in the iTunes App Store.

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