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Archos’ £275 13.3-inch FamilyPad designed to encourage family time

DNP Archos's 133inch FamilyPad is designed for FamilyTime

Three months after we spied the Archos FamilyPad on the FCC, it’s finally making its debut just in time for the holiday shopping season. As its name suggests, the 13.3-inch tablet is designed for a whole family to gather around — though we doubt it would be very comfortable if your family has more than four people. With 10x multitouch support, Archos claims families can use it to watch movies, keep organized, share pictures and play digital board games; the company even pre-installed a few of the latter to get your family started. The FamilyPad doesn’t have the best of specs, with a 1,280×800 HD display, 8GB flash memory, a microSD card slot, a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU, HDMI output and a front and rear camera that are 2-megapixels each. It does run Ice Cream Sandwich and would offer “a variety of email accounts for each family member.” Those in the UK can purchase it for £274.99 ($438) when it’s available in December, while US residents might have to wait a little longer. Maybe you can give your kids some ChildPads to play on their own instead; they might appreciate it more than enforced togetherness.

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