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Apple’s subdued Samsung statement hits UK press

Apple‘s statement on Samsung’s innocence in copying the iPad with its Galaxy Tab tablets has shown up in print, with the court-mandated mea culpa appearing in various UK newspapers today. The text – which, with its pared-back simplicity, is likely to be overlooked by many – was snapped by Tim Acheson in The Guardian, but also featured in other titles. However, Apple is yet to update its UK website with a new version of its statement, having been scolded yesterday by a court of appeal.

The original statement on Apple’s site – which has today been removed – not only included the explanation that Samsung had been found innocent of copying iPad design patents, but fleshed the story out with comments from the ruling about Apple products being “cool” and distinctive. It also cited rulings in other countries, such as the US and Germany, which found in favor of Apple’s argument.

That phrasing didn’t go down well with a trio of judges in the UK, however, with the strategy being described as “a plain breach of the order” and Apple’s protestations that it would take 14 days to amend met with incredulity. Instead, Apple lost its permission to host the online version of the statement on a separate page linked from the footer of its UK homepage, and was instructed to post a new version directly to the homepage itself.

At time of writing, that statement is yet to go live. The expectation is that it will be broadly in line with the printed version, which sets out the decision of the court in basic language, and offers a link to where readers can find the judgement in full.

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