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Apple processor price hike denied by Samsung


It would appear that the price hike spoken about earlier this week between Samsung and Apple has been denied by a Samsung official – albeit an anonymous one. This official spoke with the Hankyoreh newspaper in Korea, saying that prices were generally agreed upon between the two companies at the beginning of each year for hardware purchased by one and sold by the other, making a change such as the one mentioned all but impossible. This same source noted that such prices “aren’t changed easily” and that the 20 percent price jump Samsung was said to have demanded from Apple was likely entirely fabricated.

The report from earlier this week came from a rival newspaper by the name of Chosun and made it clear that their sources said that whatever agreement Apple and Samsung have at the moment is set to remain in place until 2014. At that time, a price increase will likely take place simply due to the changing economy. Until then though, it seems more likely that the entire situation was fabricated in part or in whole.

Have a peek at the timeline below to see recent events that have taken place with both Apple and Samsung involved. You’ll find that the two companies certainly have a mixed relationship on a grand scale, but that different parts of each company are great buddies – most of the mobile devices Apple has out on the market right now use Samsung hardware inside in one way or another. Remind yourself of that when you hear about the legal wars.

It’s business, not personal. Apple and Samsung will be working together and fighting against one another – if you call it such a thing – for the foreseeable future. At the moment it’s best to just sit back and take every report that’s not officially from one or the other with a grain of salt.

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