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Amazon Kindle Fire HD review (8.9-inch, 4G LTE)

DNP Amazon Kindle Fire HD review 89inch, 4G LTE

What a difference a generation makes. While the original Kindle Fire impressed, there was only one thing that really made it worth considering: it was cheap. Really cheap. But, when we got our hands on the 7-inch, 720p Kindle Fire HD a few months back we had an honest-to-gosh nice device — that happened to be cheap. And what do we have here? Why, it’s a slightly larger version of that very same tablet, but at a significantly higher cost.

It’s the Kindle Fire 8.9, a tick under two inches larger at the diagonal but with a starting price of $299 for 16GB, $100 more than the cheapest 7-inch Fire HD. It goes way up from there, though, with the 32GB LTE version we tested starting at a rather more dear $499. That’s far beyond the threshold of cheap, but does it still make for good value? Join us as we find out.

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