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AdTrap purports to block all ads for $120


Opinions on ads are often polarized, with some users hardly noticing all but the most annoying of adverts, while others go to great lengths to block them altogether. For those who fall into the second category, the AdTrap might sound like a godsend. This small box, priced at $120, supposedly blocks all the advertisements you might encounter while surfing the web.

According to the device’s creators, AdTrap is a working prototype, which you can (maybe) get by pledging some funds on Kickstarter. If $150,000 in pledges are received by December 8, the creators will begin shipping the unit. Currently, there are a bit less than $20,000 in pledges and a little less than one month to the deadline.

AdTrap operates using Linux, and is designed to work in conjunction with the owner’s wireless network to pinpoint and block all advertisements, whether you’re surfing websites or listening to online radio, for example. Obviously, if this is indeed the case, the AdTrap would likely be online advertisers’ most hated device. If everyone used AdTrap, a lot of websites would lose their revenue.

The device is said to be open and capable of being hacked, allowing users to tailor it to their own needs if desired. Additional advertisement types can be added to the system as they arise, while exclusions can be added that will exempt advertisements on certain websites from being blocked. While all of this seems intriguing, it’s important to remember that this is a Kickstarter project, and as such, nothing is guaranteed.

[via Quartz]

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