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AC/DC’s entire catalog lands on iTunes!

I’ve been a fan of AC/DC since back in the day when I watched Maximum Overdrive repeatedly growing up. I’m certainly not a gigantic fan by any means, I have a bunch of songs the band has made over the years that I like, but I find the bulk of their stuff not that appealing. That means I’ve had to buy multiple CDs just to get a couple of tracks that I like off each one onto my mobile phone.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who likes some of AC/DC’s music that has wished, hope, and prayed that they would take the path The Beatles took and bring the music to iTunes. That happy day has finally come with AC/DC’s complete catalog now available on iTunes. All of the tracks have been Mastered for iTunes and spans from their 1976 debut Hi Voltage to the last of the rocker’s 16 studio albums.

The AC/DC collection on iTunes also includes four live albums and three compilation albums that are all available for the first time on iTunes. Fans can download full albums or purchase individual favorite songs. ITunes is also offering two digital compilations including The Complete Collection, which is an iTunes exclusive AC/DC catalog, and The Collection including all 16 studio albums.

The Collection with all 16 studio albums will cost $99.99. The Complete Collection includes all the studio albums, live albums, and box sets for $149.99. I’m glad to finally see the band allow their music to be sold digitally.

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