Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Windows 8 launch invites delivered for massive event


It’s time to get pumped up about the release of Windows 8 with a Microsoft press event that everyone and their mother knew was coming – October 25th. This event will show off not only the final release version of Windows 8 on a variety of devices – so we must assume – it’ll also contain Microsoft Surface bits and pieces as well. The invite makes it clear that Microsoft is about to set the gray world up for a colorful reception, that’s for sure.

The invite contains a note about a Microsoft Surface Reception specifically and makes Windows 8 the main subject of the event. This invitation, it’s worth noting, uses Microsoft’s new identity with the simplified Microsoft logo and flattened Windows logo for the forward-thinking future. Colors abound, this invite is also set to take place in colorful New York City. You can bet that SlashGear will be there with bells on.

This event starts at 10AM EST with contents that aren’t yet entirely clear – with an event that has an end-time, there’s always surprises in store. For now we’re going to assume that Windows 8 will be shown off, perhaps alongside Windows Phone 8 devices working together, and that Microsoft Surface will be prepared for prime-time action. Microsoft is also prone to bring on giant displays, fancy arrangements, and loud music across the planet and back – we’re expecting no less than a circus for Windows 8.

Have a peek at the Windows 8 timeline we’ve prepared below to get yourself pumped up for the full action we’ll face on October 25th. You can tune in all day long to keep yourself ready for next-level operating system release joy and Microsoft jumping up and down for no less than their greatest excitement to date. Be there or be square!

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