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Ube Bobine review

We’ve reviewed plenty of chargers over the years on AndroidGuys.  We’ve also reviewed plenty of phone mounts or stands as well.  Today, we’re reviewing a hybrid device that not only props your phone up and holds it in place, but also charges it at the same time.  It’s called Une Bobine and we’ve talked about them in the past.  (Readers may recall the Kickstarter project and our trip to the company HQ a few months back).

The Une Bobine tackles one of the more common issues that we run into when charging a phone on the go.  As some of you can attest, it’s nice to be able to see your screen while working on a laptop or desktop.  This is especially the case when using that handset as a secondary display for video chat, reading, or watching video.  It’s not always easy to charge and hold at the same time, without using separate devices.

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