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Twitter outs official Windows 8 app coming in the “months ahead”


While Steve Ballmer from Microsoft was up on stage sharing new details and talking about Windows 8 here in Seattle for their Build developers event, the folks from Twitter posted a quickie update on the status of an official Twitter app for Windows 8. With the new and beautiful OS available now, rest assured knowing that you’ll be Tweeting away with ease very soon.

Obviously a dedicated Twitter “App” for Windows 8 isn’t completely needed, but they offer dedicated apps for almost every other platform — so it only makes sense. Add in the fact that in just a few short days over 4 million people have already upgraded to Windows 8, now is the perfect time to develop a beautifully crafted new app that nicely sits on the side of Windows 8.

Aside from owning TweetDeck, the social network has never offered a dedicated Windows PC application, but that will finally be changing with Windows 8. Unfortunately we don’t know much at this point, with the social site bird lovers only stating that their new application for Windows 8 was being built and that we can expect them to share it with us in the “months ahead.”

It looks like we’ll still be waiting awhile. With Windows 8 being readily available today and updated to as we speak, I’m already wondering why they didn’t jump on a dedicated app sooner and have it ready at launch like many others. It’s worth noting that this official app is being built from the ground up, so you’ll be able to enjoy it on Windows 8 PC’s, as well as RT tablets and more. Stay tuned for more details from the Twittersphere!

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