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Sony Nexus X mockup appears unlikely


What we’re seeing this morning is a couple of photos that have appeared on Picasa with the name Sony Nexus X attached to them – dare we assume? Though quite likely an elaborate mock-up of what could be in the future, the notion of a Sony Nexus device is not new – back when the Xperia Play was released, it was revealed that it was a Nexus device before being turned down in favor of the Nexus S. It also plays well with the notion that Google’s future Nexus releases will go with more than one manufacturer rather than just Samsung or HTC.

Here with this Sony device we’re seeing a complete lack of “Xperia” brand naming and some form shaping unlike anything Sony has delivered before. You can see some styling choices that certainly ring a Sony bell, enough to make us think it’s possible, but the family resemblance with the Galaxy Nexus makes one believe this might be a hybrid. This device has some metal (or plastic that’s made to look metal) on the bottom back, soft plastic up top, and a single LED flash near a large-lensed back-facing camera.

NOTE: If you weren’t already, take an extra grain of salt with this supposed leak. It’s more important at the moment to think about the implications of such a phone rather than assuming this one is real – but keep in mind that it COULD be real, too. You never know until you know!

There’s a single microUSB port on the left of the device along with three pogo-pins for wireless docking. It appears that this device will be released with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or greater, such is the color scheme in the user interface. The front of the device also has a right-side front-facing camera and two sensors as well. You’ll also notice a lack of any off-screen buttons, the home set of three being rather Nexus-friendly right along the bottom inside the display.

This device, if it is indeed real, could be released at the same time as the LG Nexus 4 (or Nexus G), with more than one manufacturer bringing the heat at the same time to show Google’s power. This is the new vision for Google, a re-imagining of their original Android mission to release a single phone that would be out on every single carrier at once. Will Sony be able to do justice to the next version of Android in a vanilla iteration? We shall see!

[via Xperia Blog]

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