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SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: October 4th, 2012


This morning we’re jumping in with a Facebook report that’ll blow your socks off – not least of all with its 600m mobile monetization. NASA has spoken about a space station on the Moon, on the far side, in the dark. The Nokia 920 and 820 are coming to AT&T soon with an exclusive on the larger device.

Amazon’s own Cloud Drive system has been updated with brand new sharing features as well as a whole new desktop app for Mac computers. Entertainment Weekly magazine has released a limited-edition issue with an Android phone inside – of course it’s not just any phone. The Starbucks iOS app now works with Apple’s Passbook.

The iPhone ReadyCase for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S has blasted past its funding goal with Swiss Army knife features intact. The app known as Camera+ has been updated to support the iPhone 5′s low-light boost mode – the first app to do such a thing! Microsoft has made one of its final moves in teaming up with Barnes & Noble with a new subsidiary called NOOK Media LLC.

If you’re a fan of 4K television panels you’re not going to like what IHS has to say about how long they’ll be around for your enjoyment. As far as best global brands go, Apple has been voted in second – that’s a five spot jump from last year. Nokia’s Stephen Elop has made it clear that HTC’s vision for the Windows Phone 8 environment is nothing compared to the company he represents: “A Step Above” you might say.

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