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SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: October 29, 2012


This morning we’ve got our eyes on Sandy, especially since it straight up cancelled Google’s plans to have a lovely morning with Android on the books – see what they had planned right this minute! While we wait and see how serious the storm really will be, we’re seeing such news as Skyrim premium edition, the Google Chromebook (Samsung Series 3) getting Ubuntu, and Google’s own LG Nexus 4 appearing in a short hands-on video. Meanwhile Steve Ballmer assures everyone that they really want a Surface – trust him!

You’ll soon be able to get your Twizy EV with windows – not the operating system, the actual see-through panels of glass. Polls have indicated that people are disinterested in Windows 8. You can now buy the NOOK Simple Touch in the UK.

The hacker collective known as Anonymous may very well be jumping on Zynga right this minute – so watch out for that. You’re going to want to check out all you can on the new GPU-intensive TITAN supercomputer just unveiled this morning. The folks at Amazon have sent out an attack ad on the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad mini.

We’ve got a full review of Livescribe Sky Wifi right this minute. You’ll want to take a peek at our hands-on with iPad-controlled LED lightbulbs from Philips – hue, that is. The Nokia Lumia 822 has been revealed by Verizon, that is a Windows Phone 8 device for $100 with 4G LTE. Today you’ll also have your first look at the late Steve Jobs’ yacht – it’s very sharp.

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