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SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: October 15, 2012


This morning we’re just about ready to jump in on another wave of new smartphones, tablets, and Windows 8 to be sure. With the 26th approaching rapidly, you’ll see more than your fair share of Windows 8 news popping up from manufacturers as well as software developers attempting to get their piece of the touchscreen pie. With the holiday season approaching soon as well, you’re destined to be inundated by product news on top of product news, all for the greater good of the personal technology explosion!

First have a peek at the first big Windows 8 advertisement video for the public. It’s got trendy music and sweet visuals galore, ready to make sure you’re jumping right in on the party. You’ll see Xbox Music updates too, with flaws that you’re not going to be really happy with – and a bit of fight in it, too. Google is in the middle of developing Maps for iOS 6, have a peek!

If you’re using Boxee and know of its troubles with the FCC, you’ll see a bit of slack acting as good news. There’s a bit of info on passwords being run by eye movements. You’ll be glad to take part in Windows 8 with the Acer Aspire 5600U and 7600U all-in-one computers with touch displays. It would appear that Softbank did go through with purchasing Sprint – though not in its entirety as was suspected.

This weekend there was a skydive performed by Felix Baumgartner that broke the sound barrier and the record for highest jump – you can now watch this Red Bull madness in video form from his helmet camera. There’s a new iMac with teardrop profile coming through soon – believe it! The moon has been discovered to be covered in soil with a water substructure – rather important to life!

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