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SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: October 12th, 2012


This morning we’re getting all manner of research results regarding the iPhone 5 that we’re sure Apple is more than happy to hear – it’s selling well, imagine that! The iPhone 5 has overtaken the Galaxy S III and is unblunted by Apple Maps. It’s also got a bit of advertisement tracking going on in it, but no worries, you want that anyway, right? Up in space there’s also a collection of SpaceX mission photos for you to enjoy.

The VivoBook Windows 8 laptop has been all but revealed by ASUS. Apple has agreed with the Swiss Federal Railway service to license the look of their iconic clock – red ball and all. The third version of Google TV will be appearing soon, here with a teaser to get you pumped up.

Windows 8 has been made available for pre-order along with the first collection of Windows 8 computer to go along with it. Dell comes first with a set of three beasts for the Windows 8 arena. If you’re waiting for BlackBerry 10, you’ll be glad to see the BlackBerry 10 L-Series showing up in a video demo.

Those of you out there looking for a fabulous time on your Tegra 3-toting tablet or smartphone this weekend should check out what Madfinger Games and NVIDIA have been cooking up: SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE. This multi-player adventure has you up in beta zone for free right this minute – check our hands-on right now!

Facebook was down yesterday but it had nothing to do with Anonymous – instead it has much to do with the ol server failure, a bit we’ve heard before. The Amazon Kindle HD has been confirmed by the company to be making them zero profit while the software does all the work. The iPad mini will launch on October 23rd if reports are correct.

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