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SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: October 11, 2012


This morning it’s time for a redesign of Google’s mobile homepage – for Android devices, anyway, and on Chrome mostly, as well as a new version of Google+ for both Android and iOS devices. Google has also begun recruiting Android “ambassadors” for their call center – people dedicated to the operating system in an intense way. The DoCoMo SH-02E ZETA is a brand new Android-based smartphone that’s the first to use Sharp’s own lovely IGZO display – intense!

You’ll be glad to know that Kickstarter is coming to the UK – if you live in the UK, that is, and around the world we’re about to see a brand new Nexus device from LG – believe it! Have a peek at the new Vizio 10-finger multitouch All-in-One PCs for Windows 8. Band & Olufsen have brought on a brand new Smart TV called the BeoVision 11 – their first!

Google Maps has gotten a massive bump in the Street View department with 250,000 miles extra added on to their archives. The iPod EarPod disposable packaging really does turn into a pile of mush when you toss it in the sink – right back to nature! There’s a Batmobile out there now from Kia and DC Comics that you can buy – for real this time!

In the science realm there’s just a bit of information that you’ll be absolutely baffled by – mice can sing! And they’ve got complex singing skills at that! All Things D’s own Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher had a talk this week with Google’s Eric Schmidt about all sorts of fun stuff including self-driving cars, patent wars, and the amount of Android devices that are on the market today.

Don’t miss our unboxing and first impressions with the 5th generation iPod touch right here at the start of its shipping process as well – it’s time for green backs and a 4-inch display!

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