Thursday, July 25, 2024

Skifta app adds Instagram and Dropbox for home network streaming


The app known as Skifta is one that allows you to instantly take command of the contents of every wi-fi connected device in your home with your Android device – and soon it’ll be working with Dropbox and Instagram too. This app is one which we’ve had a brief look at in the past, and with the undeniable ease and quickness with which we were able to get up and running, there should be no doubt in the amount of greatness that’s about to be unleashed with integration with the cloud-based archives at Dropbox and Instagram. This update will take place on the 23rd of October and will join an ever-growing set of channels that also work with the system.

This update adds Dropbox and Instagram to Revision 3, Rdio, Facebook Photos, Flickr, TED Talks, SoundCloud, and a handful of other hot cloud-based apps. You can start the app up, drop in a couple passwords, connect to your networks, and you’re off and running. Connect to a source, connect to a destination, and your Android smart device does all the commanding.

Photo galleries and movies work best, but you’re always welcome to open up a lovely set of music files and sounds too. This update will continue the expansion of the 3rd party groups that Skifta will be working with in the future, too – so stay tuned for more of your favorites soon. This app is able to connect with not just these cloud services and your computers and TVs, but data centers and game consoles as well – not to mention stereos.

You can download Skifta for your PC or Android device right this minute, with streaming to DLNA and UPnP devices working right out of the box. Never before has there been such a simple setup, that you can bet. Have a peek at some hands-on screenshots below to see if this simplicity clicks for you, too.


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