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Saturday Night Live mocks iPhone 5 complaints


Saturday Night Live has long been a platform where all kinds of people get mocked, but in the end it’s really all fun and games. The show finally offered its satirical take on the world of tech blogging and the various complaints surrounding the iPhone 5, like Apple Maps, the camera, and the easy exterior scuffing.

The show’s guest host of the night, Christina Applegate, hosts a panel made up of three tech writers on a show called “Tech Talk.” The segment revolves around the iPhone 5, and each panelist takes their turn at criticizing the iPhone 5′s various flaws. It goes rather smoothly and typically as you’d expect.

However, the host brings out three Chinese factory workers who assembled the iPhone 5 (no mention of Foxconn, though) and begin to sarcastically express their sympathy to the bloggers, saying things like, “You want Starbucks and it takes you to Dunkin Donut. That must be so hard for you,” referencing back to the tough working conditions at the iPhone 5 factory.

It’s actually a pretty enjoyable skit, and it makes you realize just how small our problems really are, but the sketch almost makes it feel like that the factory workers are at fault, since the panelists immediately retract all of their previous comments when the factory workers show up, and start to show their regret. In any case, watch the skit and enjoy a good laugh.

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