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Samsung TecTile 3.0 update offers even more NFC capabilities


TecTile updated to version 3.0 today, and it brings a lot of new features and includes various enhancements that allow for better customization that NFC junkies will love. If you’re not familiar with Samsung‘s TecTile app, it’s a proprietary application for Samsung devices that lets users write and re-write different activities to NFC tags.

Users can now add different profiles to TecTile, meaning that you can allow custom settings for various situations like work, home, night, etc., and each of which can be activated (and deactivated) using NFC. As an example, if you want your phone to be on different settings when you’re at work, you can assign it to a “work” profile, and then write it to an NFC tag. As soon as you tap the tag, the profile is activated.

The update also includes assigning multiple actions to a single tag, which compliments the aforementioned profiles feature. With a single tag, you can trigger things like silent mode, full brightness, and disable WiFi all at once. This is probably the most convenient feature included in the update, since a lot of users end up wanting to change multiple settings all the time.

Aside from those features, the update also brings stored tag history (for reference on older tags that you made in the past), support for private tags (so that only your phone can read them), and the ability to unlock a previously locked TecTile tag. TecTile 3.0 is a free download and the update is available now in the Google Play store.

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