Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Redbox kiosks in some locations offering ticket sales to live events


Redbox and other DVD renting kiosks have put a serious crimp in the traditional retail store rental plan for several companies, including Blockbuster. Redbox rents DVDs starting at one dollar per day and has video game rentals as well. Some Redbox kiosks are trying out a new way to make money by selling tickets to live events in some areas.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the kiosks aren’t likely to sell front row tickets to big events such as popular concerts and sporting events. Rather, the kiosks will offer tickets to events that might not otherwise sell. This means things like nosebleed seats at a stadium for a concert or sports event.

Redbox will reportedly sell tickets through the kiosks and on its websites with users being able to pick up tickets at the venue or print them at home. Reports indicate that Redbox is stepping slowly into this new market with a limited number of events to start with, all located in Philadelphia. Tickets available to start include those for a November 28 Carrie Underwood concert at the Wells Fargo Center arena.

There’s no indication of how many tickets for the event Redbox will have, but the venue seats 19,500 people. Tickets sold via the Redbox website identify a row and a range of seat numbers rather than a specific seat. Redbox is also selling tickets for Villanova University football games and NASCAR races at Pocono Raceway. Redbox reportedly plans to sell the tickets at normal prices plus a one dollar service fee.

[via WSJ]

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