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Pantech Flex review

Pantech Flex review

Pantech is known for producing budget Android smartphones that punch above their weight, and the Flex is no exception. Available now on AT&T for $50 with a two-year contract, it delivers a dual-core Snapdragon S4 — the same chip that lurks within mightier phones such as the Galaxy S III and One X — along with a qHD display and LTE connectivity. The phone certainly hits a number of the check boxes for value seekers, but there’s something that makes the Flex very different from other smartphones on the market: it has a dual personality.

Folks, prepare for memories of At Ease, Microsoft Bob and Packard Bell Navigator to come rushing back. The Pantech Flex features a unique launcher known as Easy Experience, which caters to those who might find Ice Cream Sandwich overwhelming. Fortunately, there’s also a standard launcher for experts. In that regard, the Flex is deserving of its name. Unlike most handsets on the market, it’s targeting both broke college students and technophobes just the same. Of course, we’re here to answer a greater question: is the Pantech Flex worthy of being your next smartphone? Join us after the break for the answer.

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