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PadPivot NST makes your tablet/leg connection a reality


There’s certainly no shortage of cases out there in the wild prepared for your mobile smart devices, that’s for certain, but when it comes to device stands, PadPivot certainly stands out. What we’re looking at here is a new stand from the company, this one called PadPivot NST. This tablet holder works to keep your e-readers, smartphones, tablets – especially the iPad, as they’ve used it in many of their example shots – ready for action, sitting pretty on your leg.

What you’ll be doing here is placing your device gently into the simple nano-suction arms of the PadPivot NST, allowing it to embrace the device in its loving connection. It’ll keep your device upright or at an angle, whatever you want, as it sits on your leg while you do work or play games. Of course you can also place the stand on the table if you want, but that’s beside the point!

Bernie Graham is the creator of this accessory, and makes the case for it by noting that if you want to play with your tablet while drinking a cup of coffee, you’ll be best off putting it up on a stand rather than juggling. For that, the PadPivot NST will be best. The connection you’ve made with the back of your device is one of technological wonder – aggressive adherence to a glossy surface is what the SureGrip Nano Suction Technology does, and keeping your device stuck is what it’s all about.

This accessory is available right this minute from PadPivot’s own webpage where you can get all the information you desire about it. It’ll run you $39.99 and will ship right to your doorstep, of course. The company behind the stand was founded in 2011 and the design is patent-pending – hot stuff! And just to be clear, this accessory works with the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, the iPhone, this, that, and everything in-between – it’s just got to have a glossy or generally flat back, is all.

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