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Optrix XD sports camera case for iPhone 4/4S gets new mounts


We talked about the Optrix HD sports case that turned iPhone into an action camera last December. I got my hands one of those cases and the only thing I didn’t like about it were the mounting options. I thought if the case really wanted to turn an iPhone into a sports camera, it needed a high-quality suction cup mount.

Optrix has announced new mounting options for its XD sports case including one the world’s most powerful suction cups. The company also has a new Quarter 20 mount and a rotating suction cup mount. All the mounts are designed specifically for the XD Sport case and eliminate the need for using adhesives that attach permanently to objects for mounting.

That suction cup mount is particularly important for people who might want to use the Optrix as a camera inside the car. I know I don’t attach permanent mounts to my car so if the case or camera lacks a suction cup, I simply don’t use it. The standard Suction Cup mount is a heavy-duty aluminum and nylon suction cup system. It has multiple pivot points for adjustable shooting angles and is described as ideal for auto racing.

The Super Sucker is one of the world’s strongest waterproof suction cups. The mount promises up to 120 PSI of waterproof suction power. The Super Sucker also has an indicator that alerts the user to a loss of pressure. The Quarter 20 Mount allows the user to mount the XD Sport to a tripod or third party second cup and has a female 1/4-20 threaded screw the bottom. Pricing on the new mounts is unknown at this time.

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