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Nike+ FuelBand expands with new colors and iPhone 5 compatibility


Though it would seem that the Nike+ FuelBand would have been compatible with the iPhone 5 right out of the box, Nike has reassured users that it is indeed with a second wave launch of their FuelBand active user wristbands. These bands will be coming in two new colors: White ICE and Black ICE, these becoming the third and fourth versions of the device. The original ICE FuelBand also has a Black Steel companion out there in the wild now as well.

The original FuelBand was launched in February of 2012 and has reached users across the United States and the UK through their online store. Distribution has been centered in this new launch around the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. For those of you that’ve never used it, this device gives you a NikeFuel score for the activity you do during the day while you’re wearing it. You can also display time, calories, and steps based on the basic information the device is able to capture with it’s built-in sensors.

The Nike+ FuelBand will quite soon be available in Nike stores across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada as well as online. This update is mostly for the availability of the band and the color additions, but reassurance is included for the following products being compatible with the device: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and the iPod Touch 3rd-gen and newer. The FuelBand is able to be shown through an app on your iOS device with information on your progress.

Your progress in the iOS app can be compared to your friends and colleagues as they connect via the web and the Apple smart devices they own. This device will run you $149 USD right this minute online. Have a peek at our timeline of FuelBand news bits below to stay up to date with this lovely exercise-friendly device.

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