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Microsoft Surface pre-orders in Canada, UK are not delayed (Update)


Microsoft Surface preorderers in Canada, UK report release dates pushed back to November 2nd

Microsoft’s Surface for Windows RT appears to be flying off the virtual shelves, however it seems some of the customers who’ve pre-ordered will be waiting about a week longer than they thought. We’ve received several tips from readers in Canada and the UK indicating they’ve received emails (as seen above, check after the break for similar reports from Twitter) explaining that their tablets will be shipping on November 2nd, instead of October 26th as originally scheduled when they put their requests in days ago. There’s no reason currently listed for the delay, however we have contacted Microsoft for further comment on the situation. Currently the Surface is listed as completely sold out on the UK and Canada Microsoft Store sites, and in the US all three variants are no longer promised for delivery on release date. It’s been reported that Microsoft is building up to five million of the devices for launch this fall, hopefully they can all find their way to good homes sooner rather than later.

Update: A Microsoft spokesperson has responded, informing us that the emails sent out were incorrect, so “all customers should expect their devices by the original date given.” It will be following up with customers to let them know their shipping date has not changed, and you can read the full statement for yourself after the break.

[Thanks to Jack, everyone who sent this in]

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