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Microsoft favoring real currency over Points system in Windows 8


It looks like Microsoft won’t have a lot of faith in its Microsoft Points payment system — at least in Windows 8. The company plans to make credit cards its default payment method for buying and renting stuff in the Windows 8 store. However, you’ll still be able to select Microsoft Points as a payment method if you choose.

Microsoft made this change just recently, since their previous betas of Windows 8 used the company’s Points system for all video purchases and rentals, which makes us wonder why they made a last-second change like this in the new OS. It’s possible they may be starting to slowly phase out the Points system on all their products eventually, but it might be too early to tell. It was rumored back in January that Microsoft would be getting rid of Microsoft Points, so maybe this is actually the start of what’s to come.

Microsoft Points is currently the main form of payment in Xbox LIVE, and its used to purchase stuff like Xbox LIVE Arcade games, gamertag pictures, and other different types of downloadable content. In order to purchase something, users must buy Microsoft Points using real money and then use those points to purchase the items of their choosing. $1 will get you 80 Microsoft Points, and most XBLA games are anywhere between 400-1200 Microsoft Points, which equates to $5-$15.

We’re not sure why Microsoft made the default payment method change in Windows 8, but we have to say it’ll be a lot easier to buy stuff now. The Microsoft Points system can be confusing, and it’s a hassle to have to buy Points and then buy the items you want. We’re not exactly if Microsoft will completely phase out its Points system, but we’re sure it’ll be a welcomed change.

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