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LG tricks elevator riders using its IPS displays

In what could be considered an LG would play quite a mean prank them, especially those who have a fear of heights and falling.

The video consists of people getting into an elevator, and once they push the desired floor number, the elevator would have a brief moment of malfunctioning, and the fake floor shown on the IPS displays would all of sudden give and fall out from underneath the elevator riders. LG titled its little stunt “So real it’s scary,” and indeed a lot of the people probably thought they were going to meet their maker that day.

Of course, the whole point behind the stunt was for LG to show off the “lifelike colors” of its IPS displays, and what better way to do that then to put the displays to the test in real-life situations. Obviously, since this is an ad, we wouldn’t be surprised if these people were actors, but we’re really hoping they’re not.

The whole point of LG’s lifelike-colored IPS displays is to give users “consistency and less changes in colour temperature,” and the displays “offer a color impression identical to that of the original image.” This would essentially make calibration obsolete, but we’re simply just curious as to how lifelike the displays really are.

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