Sunday, June 23, 2024

Jukebox tosses its hat into ring of cloud-based media players


Looking for another way to stay connected to your ever-growing music collection but hate sitting around the old boombox?  Consider Jukebox, a new Android app (in preview) that automatically keeps your music in the cloud, synchronizing tracks, playlists, ratings, and more.  Stuff from your phone updates to your PC while stuff from your PC talks to your phone.

The developers advise this is not the final release and that things are subject to the occasional glitch.  Feedback is certainly appreciated and can be directed to [email protected].

What music player are you using today?  Does it have cloud-based sync?  We’d love to hear what other apps you’ve encountered along the way to cover your music needs.  Leave a comment below with your pick(s)!

Jukebox for Android (Google Play)

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